MIDOS Development is the unique way of creating value in the Los Angeles real estate market. As a developer, our uniqueness largely stems from our extensive construction background, where our internal team has successfully completed hundreds of construction projects throughout the Los Angeles region.

Our unique ability to channel those construction resources, processes, personnel and experience to the world of land development allows us to build more effectively, and more cost effectively, than many other developers.

Most land developers are required to subcontract much of the actual development process, cutting into the gross profits of each project, and which requires ceding control to largely uninvested parties.

MIDOS is in a unique position to be able to pass along these increased margins and returns to our investors and partners, all while performing development projects with dignity and character.

We have completed over $250M in construction projects since our company's inception. This was made possible by our unwavering commitment to motivated discipline and bringing on team members who share our broad vision. MIDOS and its construction arm have exclusively managed the entitlements of 200+ construction projects.

Commercial & Multi-Family


The combined experience developed through the entitlement execution process is transferable to each individual development project in our pipeline, and allows for streamlining many of the more lengthy processes of development. By significantly mitigating entitlement and construction risks, MIDOS and its partners can expect lower risk, high value creation in its ground-up development projects.