The Berendo Apartments New Construction of Class A - Apartments

The Berendo

Current Offering: Retreat At Arc Way


  • MIDOS plans to design and build 35 units with 8 ADUs for a total of 43 units.

  • We anticipate the total building envelop to be 45,000 gross square feet, which will result in approximately 30,000 square feet of net rentable square feet.

  • Amenities will include a variety of smart technology for remote access, touchless contact, and convenience, a coworking space/recreation room, and a rooftop with amenities that include a fitness area, grill and food area, and a lounge.

  • This transaction will be executed by DHR Construction and Cardinal Investments, two partnered companies, with each bringing a set of complementary skills to the investment

  • DHR is a premier General Contractor and Developer located in the City of Los Angeles with a very experienced development team. Having a current workforce of 200+ workers, DHR performs quality work on a meticulous budget with tight deadlines.

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214 N Berendo St Los Angeles, CA